Unit for machined disinfection/ decontamination and destruction of medical waste SAMot-02/D

Disinfector-destructor SAMot is intended for the decentralized method of thermal disinfection/decontamination and destruction (change in appearance) of medical waste of classes Б, В

The use of the disinfector-destructor SAMot allows decontamination and/or disinfection of the action of microorganisms of various pathogenic groups contained in medical waste of classes Б and В directly at sites of their initial generation, considerable changes in the appearance, volume, and form of medical waste, which makes it possible to rule out their re-use, carry out further accumulation, storage, transportation, disposal and interment of decontaminated waste jointly with solid household waste (medical waste of class А).

The principle of action of the disinfector-destructor SAMot is based on the inactivating thermal action of dry hot air on the epidemiologically dangerous viable pathogenic microorganisms contained in medical waste to the level at which it would be possible to refer the decontaminated waste to hazard classes IV-V by their negative impact on the environment.

After the treatment the infectious matter is totally destroyed and the appearance of the waste is changed, including the reduction in volume, due to which the waste of classes Б and В can be accumulated, temporarily stored, transported, interred jointly with the waste of class А.

No additional equipment is necessary to change the appearance (mechanical destruction):a press, an exterior crusher; and also there is an option of decontamination of liquid fractions of medical waste of classes Б and В.

It is not necessary to install additional filters into a stationary ventilation system of rooms for decontamination. Cleanliness and absence of odors in decontamination and storage areas.

Mobility of the unit.

Collection, decontamination, transportation, and interment on the solid waste landfill takes place in a single package / container in strict compliance with the health and environmental legislation of the Russian Federation.

It is not necessary to switch up to the centralized water supply and sewerage systems.

It is not necessary to train specially the operator of the unit.

Declared productivity is factually correct.

Low operation expenses.

Russian technology and production.

Объем загрузочной корзины:87 l
Размер загрузочной корзины:300х480х800 mm
Кассета с фильтром очистки воздуха "САМот"/ф:200х350х500 mm
Weight:270 kg
Cycle time:60-75 min
Power consumption:17 kW
Power supply:380 V
Area occupied (with service area):8,7 m²
Allowed charge:420 l
Working chamber volume:522 l
Chamber dimensions:1100х550 mm
Dimensions:1800х1300х1600 mm

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