Bags for medical waste of B, C class


Bags for accumulation, decontamination, destruction of medical wastes and for disinfection using dry hot air at temperatures up to 210С. One bag can be used throughout the medical waste treatment chain!

Available in different volumes from 15 liters up to 80 liters. Sealing is carried out by making a knot of the upper part of the bag or by using self-adhesive indicator tapes.

Large volume bags are reinforced with a metal clamp band, which provides maximum tightness and is capable to withstand 35 kg loads. It also included a plastic module.

Portable plastic module: contains a polymer with ultrahigh absorption capacity, it can bind liquids as a powder.

Dry the liquids!

Holder stand for bags

For convenience of use (fixation, filling, transportation) of the bags for medical wastes, we have developed and offer you a "holder stand for bags". It is made of stainless steel, it has reliable rollers for transportation.

Holder stand for bagsHolder stand for bags